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2022 bmw g 310 r kyanite blue metallic for sale in las vegas

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2022 BMW G 310 R Cosmic Black 2


Wake up with a smile on your face. Because every day is an opportunity to try something new with the BMW G 310 R. It is an intuitive, agile ride thanks to the optimized engine with Ride by Wire and slipper clutch, whether you are off to work, to an appointment, or out of the city. Experience the maneuverability, easy handling, and sportiness of the G 310 R and surpass yourself with it every single day.

Features may include:
  • Ergonomic handlebar and control elements

Provide an exceptional ride experience and give you full view of the big-city tumult.

  • LED headlights and LED indicators as standard

Turn night into day: You not only have a better view, you can also be seen better by other motorists.

  • Ergonomic seat

Available in three different sizes as a special accessory so that you can move through your city in comfort.

  • Standard ABS

Prevents the tires from locking in precarious situations, such as on wet or loose pavement.

  • Cast aluminum wheels

With their sporty design, these wheels help the bike run efficiently in all road conditions.

  • Precise single-cylinder engine

Designed with Ride by Wire, the throttle response is more effortless, making the engine respond better and allowing you to apply the power precisely.

  • Adjustable clutch and brake levers

Reduce the distance to the handlebar by up to six millimeters over four levels for more comfort and control.

  • High-quality aluminum swingarm

Lightness and stability guaranteed whenever you snake through the city traffic.

VIN WB30G4307NRA28385
Condition new
Odometer 2
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