2021 Zero FX ZF7.2

EuroCycle Las Vegas
Las Vegas
$11,290 MSRP $11,290
  • Mileage 4

NATIONWIDE SHIPPING AVAILABLE - NATIONWIDE FINANCING AVAILABLE, CLICK "GET FINANCING" FOR CREDIT APPROVAL.<br /> <br /> <h3>2021 Zero FX ZF7.2</h3><strong>Features may include:</strong><ul><li>LEAN AND MEAN</li></ul><p>The Zero FX draws from our rugged off-road roots. Locked and loaded for your favorite trails, shortcuts or rocketing away when traffic lights flash green, the Zero FX&#8217;s punchy Z-Force&#174; powertrain, long legged suspension and dual sport equipment tackles virtually anything thrown its way.</p><ul><li>TUNED IN TO YOUR RIDE</li></ul><p>Crossing from smooth asphalt to loose gravel fire roads? All good. Change performance profiles at the press of a button to master any terrain. The Zero FX is pre-programmed with Eco or Sport modes and performance can be fully customized using the Zero Motorcycles app where you can also see detailed ride stats.</p><ul><li>CHARGE. SIMPLY.</li></ul><p>Wake up, ready to ride, with a &#8220;full tank&#8221; every day. No expensive charge station required. A simple 110 V household outlet satisfies all the needs of the Zero FX&#8217;s 650-watt onboard charger. Every outlet is now a &#8220;fueling&#8221; station.</p><ul><li>INSTANT &#8220;FULL TANK&#8221;</li></ul><p>There&#8217;s no faster way to &#8220;charge&#8221; than throwing in a fresh battery. The Zero FX&#8217;s optional hot-swappable batteries allow you to go from empty to full in seconds. Easily recharge drained modules using off-board charging accessories for a never-ending ride.</p><ul><li>STRETCH YOUR ENDURANCE</li></ul><p>Cruise through city streets. Or, hit the dirt. Push yourself and ride until your muscles throb or your legs give out. Most Zero FX riders find they&#8217;ve hit their endurance limits long before their battery. Continual improvements to the Z-Force&#174; powertrain have imbued the Zero FX with the highest power and energy density battery in the industry. The Zero FX produces an impressive 91 miles of &#8220;city&#8221; riding on a single charge.</p>


  • Engine and Drive Train
    • Odometer 4
    • VIN 538XXDZ47MCC18197
    • Year 2021
    • Make Zero
    • Model FX ZF7.2
    • Condition new