2013 Ducati Diavel Cromo

EuroCycle Las Vegas
Las Vegas
$9,995 MSRP $9,995
  • Mileage 17687

THIS MOTORCYCLE IS AVAILABLE FOR DELIVERY OR SHIPMENT OUT OF WINDSOR, CALIFORNIA; NATIONWIDE SHIPPING AVAILABLE - NATIONWIDE FINANCING AVAILABLE, CLICK "GET FINANCING" FOR CREDIT APPROVAL. <br /> <br /> <h3>2013 Ducati Diavel Cromo</h3><strong>Diavel soul, classic style</strong><p>The flawless shine of the chromium-plated tank, which contrasts starkly yet stylishly with the gloss black, gives the Diavel real cult status. This vintage interpretation of Diavel style is completed by horizontal seat stitching and classic Ducati logos.</p><strong>Features May Include:</strong><ul><li>Testastretta 11&#176;</li></ul><p>The Diavels heart is the Ducati Testastretta 11&#176; - developed directly from the incredibly powerful, world-beating race engines of Ducati Corse. Ducati&#8217;s Testastretta 11&#176; harnesses the immense power of the Superbike engine and makes it smooth and adaptable, a massive step forward in balancing high-performance with an enjoyable ride. For an engine with brute power on tap when needed and smooth, user-friendliness available for an effortless and comfortable ride, Ducati revised the configuration of the cam timing with particular focus on the valve overlap angle. The overlap angle is defined as the interval of crankshaft rotation, measured in degrees, during which both the intake and exhaust valves are open at the same time. This overlap occurs between the end of the exhaust stroke and the start of the intake stroke. High performance engines, which are subject to compromising smoothness for extreme power delivery, use high values of this parameter in order to benefit from the pressure waves to improve engine performance by maximising volumetric efficiency. On the Testastretta 11&#176; engine, this angle has been reduced from 41&#176;, used in the Testastretta Evoluzione engine which powers the 1198, to 11&#176;. As a result, the fresh inlet charge flow is less compromised by the exiting exhaust gases, resulting in a much smoother combustion in addition to improved fuel economy and lower exhaust emissions.</p><ul><li>Marzocchi forks</li></ul><p>The Diavel uses black-bodied 50mm Marzocchi front forks. These forks are fully adjustable for spring pre-load, compression and rebound damping. The forks are gripped by a slash-cut triple-clamp - cast aluminium for the lower and forged for the upper - with a rubber-mounted riser to tapered alloy bars. With a rake of 28&#176;, trail of 130mm (5.12in) and an offset of 24mm (0.945in), the set-up provides a sure-footed and agile front-end for incredible handling and 70&#176; of total steering lock for maximum manoeuvrability.</p><ul><li>Ducati Traction Control (DTC)</li></ul><p>The racing-derived Ducati Traction Control (DTC) is a highly intelligent system which acts as a filter between the rider&#8217;s right hand and the rear tyre. Within milliseconds, DTC is able to detect and control rear wheel-spin, considerably increasing the bike&#8217;s active safety and performance. The system offers eight levels of &#8220;sensitivity&#8221;, each programmed with an amount of rear wheel-spin tolerance. These levels are in line with progressive levels of riding skills classified from one to eight. Level one is programmed to offer the least amount of interaction for sport-oriented riders, while level eight uses the most amount of interaction for complete confidence. DTC levels are factory pre-set in each of the three Riding Modes, but can be individually customised and saved to suit the rider by accessing the new user-friendly set-up menu. A &#8220;default&#8221;option is available to easily return all settings to factory pre-sets.</p>


  • Engine and Drive Train
    • Odometer 17687
    • VIN ZDM13BLW1DB017900
    • Year 2013
    • Make Ducati
    • Model Diavel Cromo
    • Condition new