2006 Yamaha YZF-R1 50th Anniversary Yellow/Black

EuroCycle Las Vegas
Las Vegas
$7,995 MSRP $7,995
  • Mileage 26938

CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED, WITH 88PT INSPECTION AND WARRANTY. NATIONWIDE SHIPPING AVAILABLE - NATIONWIDE FINANCING AVAILABLE, CLICK "INSTANT CREDIT APPROVAL" FOR FINANCE OPTIONS.<br /> <br /> <h3>2006 Yamaha YZF-R1 50th Anniversary Yellow/Black</h3><p><strong>Features:</strong></p><li>998cc fuel-injected liquid-cooled 20-valve DOHC inline four- cylinder</li><li>43mm fully-adjustable inverted fork</li><li>Fully-adjustable linkage-mounted rear shock</li><li>Dual 320mm front disc brakes w/radial-mount forged four-piston calipers</li><li>Team Yamaha Blue/White; Raven; 50th Anniversary Yellow/Black</li><p><strong>Features and benefits</strong></p><p><strong>Key features:</strong></p><li>The R1 is the culmination of 50 years of racing experience, combining tremendous power with light weight and excellent handling.</li><li>Newly retuned Deltabox V&#174; frame, revised forks and a 20mm longer swingarm take R1 handling to the next level.</li><li>50th Anniversary Special Edition model celebrates Yamaha racing heritage with special badging and classic black andyellow livery.</li><p><strong>New for 2006:</strong></p><li>GP tech trickles down: Revised rigidity of the main framebetween the engine mounts and steering head, a new, morerigid lower triple clamp, a 20mm-longer swingarm producethe best-handling R1 ever.</li><li>Shorter valve guides and other revisions increase intake flow and reduce friction, for more power</li><li>Gold-colored forks look great.</li><li>Revised clutch boss provides increased oil flow forexcellent durability.</li><p><strong>Engine:</strong></p><li>Short-stroke 998cc DOHC, 20-valve, liquid-cooled inlinefour-cylinder engine</li><li>Dual-valve fuel injection system uses motor-driven secondarythrottle valves and 32-bit ECU for super-responsive,instantaneous power delivery</li><li>Two-piece ergonomically designed fuel tank carries fuel in the rear section, for good centralization of mass, while the front half contains a Ram-Air-fed airbox for increased power.</li><li>Lay-down design cylinder head&#8212;40 degrees forward &#8212;optimizes weight distribution, straightens intake tractsfor improved cylinder filling, and allows frame to pass overinstead of around the engine for great strength and anarrow chassis.</li><li>Closed-deck cylinder block increases strength and allows anarrow engine in spite of big, 77mm bores.</li><li>Narrow-angle five-valve combustion chambers produce a highly efficient 12.4:1 compression ratio. Big valves and high-lift cams flow plenty of air.</li><li>Carburized connecting rods with fractured big ends produce a quick-revving engine with excellent high-rpm durability.</li><li>High silicon-content ceramic-composite cylinder sleeves ensure great heat dissipation for consistent power delivery and reduced friction.</li><li>Strong, yet lightweight clutch and close-ratio six-speed gearbox with triangulated shaft layout for great strength, compactness, and quicker acceleration</li><li>Titanium underseat exhaust system (with stainless steel midpipe and catalyst) contains a titanium EXUP valve for a broad, seamless powerband.</li><li>High-efficiency curved radiator and an aluminum liquidcooled oil cooler maintain stable operating temperature.</li><li>Direct ignition coils, dual-electrode spark plugs and highoutput magneto deliver extremely accurate, reliable firing.</li><li>AC generator behind cylinder block produces a narrow engine with excellent cornering clearance.</li><p><strong>Chassis/Suspension:</strong></p><li>Overall frame width of only 15.6 inches produces comfortable ergonomics as well as efficient aerodynamic penetration.</li><li>Controlled Fill die cast, truss-type swingarm is very strong and longer, for optimal traction and feedback.</li><li>Controlled Fill die cast, detachable aluminum subframe is light, strong and allows easy rear shock access.</li><li>Dual 320mm front disc brakes; light/strong, forged one-piece radial- mount calipers and Brembo radial-pump front master cylinder with adjustable lever delivers amazing braking power and controllability</li>


  • Engine and Drive Train
    • Odometer 26938
    • VIN JYARN15Y16A000648
    • Year 2006
    • Make Yamaha
    • Model YZF-R1 50th Anniversary Yellow/Black
    • Condition new